Monday 1 November 2010

London Christmas Schemes

Fortnum and Mason
Its that really odd time around town at the moment.  That in between events period.  Of course the creative teams are beavering away behind the screens to bring us their Christmas offering (or piling the props out on the high street ready to go in - I see Ralph Lauren is using a Red Sleigh this year) .   I know, we are barely out of October and here we go again.  Having spent years implementing these schemes myself these days, you wont find a single bit of tinsel, bauble, fairy light or anything else linked to Christmas in my home.  I think I would find myself taking them all down late on Christmas eve and pasting sale flashes on my bay windows and baffles from my ceiling.  Anyway, I'm sure this week we will gradually see these schemes being revealed and I will of course post them as I see them for you.



Ralph Lauren

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