Wednesday 3 November 2010

Liberty, London

It certainly is that time of year again with Christmas schemes poking their heads up through the annual calender of events.  This year Liberty here in the centre of it 'all' is having a Wild Christmas.  I am wowed by this scheme and how much stuff these guys have managed to get into these tiny spaces.  There is so much to see and and of course with their wonderful sense of humour some wonderful bits to entertain us too.  This really is a completely wild-Christmas-store-windows-on-crack kind of scheme.  You cant get much better than these guys.  Throughout the whole of 2010 the team here have launched the most incredible schemes firing them seemingly effortlessly at us every few weeks.  Of course its incredibly hard work to make it look that simple.  My favourite bit?  Well it definitely has to be the centipede doll with Purple hair which is a little reminiscent of the work of Australian artist John Beinart and his doll-gomunkulusy  - wonderfully and superbly bonkers.

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