Thursday 4 November 2010

Banana Republic, London

I guess its that time of year again to dust off the Silver birches and put them in a window.  Happy Christmas....I guess?  Throughout 2009 and 2010 we've seen these crop up time and time again and currently can also be seen at French Connection so I am just a little bit bored of seeing them myself.  OK if I am honest with you I am completely bored with seeing them again.  I am praying that this is not Banana's Christmas scheme and maybe they will throw in at least a bauble or two if nothing else.  It is of course a quality produced scheme and it uses the usual product handling dynamics, but the concept itself? Well, there is isn't one here, is there?.  This is just the usual repetition of a bit of a tree that we can see or have seen just about any where and every where else.  Come on Banana Republic, I cant believe you don't have the cash to do something even vaguely more interesting?

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