Saturday 18 September 2010

Zara, London

As regular readers will know, I'm not a huge fan of large 'multiple' brands and their out-of-the-manual-schemes, although while this brand do their usual brand stuff, they clearly allow this store here along Oxford st. in the centre of it 'all' to be rather more edgy - thankfully. This scheme contains the product, but is styled in such a way with its multiple layers of complexity, giving it the kind of depth one would always wish to view from this brand. I do love the product anyway and have shopped here many times with them but am even more drawn in to peruse this store in particular just to be part of this experience. With its vintage mannequin head, theatrical mirror, bandaged utensil head dresses, gramophone and furniture, how could one not enjoy it. So much to view in one relatively tiny space, that one cant help but feel drawn in and want to investigate a little further. If all of these stores shared the same philosophy I wouldn't have time to work as the pull of this kind of spectacle is so compelling and potent, at least to me. Anyway, do go and have a look at what these guys have produced, they clearly have their fingers on the fashion pulse and if you want to know whats 'happening' but cant afford McQueen or Vuitton, then check out this store.

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