Sunday 19 September 2010

Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman

Have you had a surreal moment recently? I have. Can you imagine one of your teen icons, well, OK not quite one of my icons but certainly part of my growing up entertainment, standing in front of you just a few metres away? Having spent the evening in a "personal, unrecorded moment" with Lynda Carter, otherwise known as Wonder Woman with her enormous hair, golden lasso and stars and stripes revealing outfit, I feel strangely unhinged. Singing her way through a multitude of cover songs, kind of lounge lizardesque jazzy kind of stuff that these old Hollywood 'stars' of yesteryear seem to do every time they come to London to do their one / two night shows here. I was compelled to go and see this show. Part of me wanted my illusions completely shattered. I was pleasantly surprised that actually the former Miss. America from the early 1970's, Lynda Carter really does have a very good voice and was actually very entertaining - it clearly was my frame of reference that was at fault here. I do still cringe however when I hear the saccharin apple pie stuff although I feel that I was desperately and cynically trying to find the flaws in this whole event. Well, truth be known and to give Lynda Carter credit she actually delivered far more than I expected. I'm not completely won over however, as the whole show promotion was hung around the Wonder Woman stuff, but that's marketing for you. Still, this was the last show, it did what it said on the tin. I am still a little in Surreal mode though.

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