Monday, 20 September 2010

Chameleon Visual, London

Image Courtesy and Copyright Emma Davidge

With mass branding polluting the high street it is always so exciting to find hidden gems around and to share these with you. If you haven’t seen the incredible Ostriches at Louis Vuitton (or the previous installation both of which can been seen here in earlier entries) or Theo Fennell at Harrods, Tata Naka, Vogue….the list reads like a who’s who of top names, then where have you been?
If you don’t know the company who produces this incredibly visual stuff, I’m not surprised. One of this industry’s best kept secrets has to be Chameleon Visual headed by the ever talented Emma Davidge remained under my radar for some time although through pure serendipity our paths crossed at a recent event. Oozing the energy that one wishes one could bottle, Davidge is simultaneously wonderfully inspirational and incredibly exhilarating to spend time with. As Davidge herself says, “you either love me or hate me”. I myself prefer the former.
With her straight-talking-telling-like-it-is-pulling-no-punches attitude working fiercely to achieve her creative outcomes, her clients have her undivided attention. Perfectly courteous and oozing with passion, she won’t necessarily be your new best friend – she doesn't have time - but you will have her full and undivided attention. While many competitors may have a ‘take no prisoners’ philosophy in this competitive industry, Davidge can be found forming and developing close working relationships with Artists, Artisans and Designers to enhance the client and customer experience rather than spending countless hours undermining those around her.
Once the brand / event / exhibition or any other project has been delivered to Davidge’s absolute satisfaction, don’t expect her to hang around and stroke your ego, she wont. The next job is calling (or has certainly already called) and like the wonderful ephemeral creature she is, she will dissolve into the background reforming and regrouping her team ready for the next ‘selected’ job in hand.
As a self confessed “control freak” I imagine she’s one very tough person to work with. Having said that of course, one could argue that as the outcomes she delivers are so superb that how could she not be? And if she weren't, would the outcomes have been so notable in the first instance?
Davidge is probably one of the few people that I am aware of who truly understands luxury brands and is able to think beyond just one brand in one site in one city but also considers how her latest creation will travel and adapt to their new surroundings and wow the next audience without compromising its design. If you happen to swing by any of her installations whatever time of day or night one can always find tourists, passers-by, shoppers, drivers, lovers, all stop and capture the spectacle produced by Davidge. Now that’s powerful.
One may, of course wonder, that with Davidge being so demanding of herself and her team and with work produced with such intricate precision and at this incredible level, if she wears thigh high military leather boots with very sharp spiked heels when working? Well, possibly, but only if they are this seasons Louboutin’s of course. proposed new entry for Wikipedia:
Davidge Control is “the term used to describe a person, passionate about their work in the context of visual merchandising and the actions of a wonderfully creative self confessed control freak, expecting excellence and delivering nothing less.

Image Courtesy and Copyright Emma Davidge

Image Courtesy and Copyright Emma Davidge

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