Friday 17 September 2010

Diesel, London

Having really enjoyed the schemes from this brand for quite a long time and particularly this store along Bond St. here in London which always produces something a little different from so many of its other stores. I am, I must admit a little disappointed with this scheme, not because it doesn't work or that I don't like it (because I do), I just feel that I have seen it all before - and I have. As so few people (it seems) follow the windows around the world, or at least either admit it or talk about it, perhaps these brands think that no-one 'out there' will notice that the same / similar scheme has appeared elsewhere and that its OK to repeat the same scheme in another format or another material for an unrelated brand. Is it? Well, I do feel a little cheated when I see this kind of thing happening. If you turned up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else, would you go home? grin embarrassed? stay and laugh about it? Or be philosophical about it? As you can see from the images below, both Louis Vuitton and Dior (2008) have previously already installed something similar albeit in a different material and I have to wonder who is actually creating these schemes at Diesel and how much knowledge they actually have? Big brother informs me that this brand check out this site and blogs per se are usually about whats happening out there, in here or at least somewhere and have a direct role in marketing and influence (perhaps to a point). I would have produced something quite different for you based on an informed process, however, you never asked me.

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