Wednesday 15 September 2010

House of Fraser, London

I was strangely drawn to this scheme at House of Fraser while perusing and flaneuring Oxford street here in London the other evening. Barbara Hulanicki must be 'kerchinging' this month from her haven in Miami whilst this brand promote London Fashion week from this one tiny window - and incidentally on the side of buses etc. Clearly this is a sign of bigger things to come but I just cant drag myself to google to find out what is going on out of sheer lethargy of the google lifestyle and Bing world that I find myself in. However, I do love the Black finish on these mannequins with their, just almost, Clockwork Orange eyelashes. It does look wonderful and the team here have done a fantastic job which I have great joy in sharing with you, however, I must admit that these 20th Century references to nostalgia bore me to tears. How often to we need to rake this stuff up, hey? If its not the 40's, its the 50's. If its not the 50's its the 60's. I know we live on an island but do we need to have the dull Cool, Rule (and all the other adjectives) Britannia mentality for much longer from which we seem to need to define ourselves? Can we just be British, creative and move forward (and supported in that please Prime Minister) and ultimately simply be confident and enjoy the country and world rather than be told by some populist dross glossy 'trend' glam rags that we should keep digging around in the past which clearly is where this stuff comes from?

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