Wednesday 15 September 2010

Selfridges, London

I think Selfridges here in London has a new shoe department? OK well, judging from their latest scheme they clearly have. You have to admire the humour of this scheme from the ever creative team here. It is subtle in places and unashamedly and wonderfully brash in others. Based on popular nursery rhymes the scheme takes us on a journey of just about every combination and perspective to communicate this (they have a lot of windows). Movable parts, giant shoes, the old lady who lived in a shoe, Dorothy (or rather a friend of) in glittery bow tied flats screams from another window. If you pop along the side of the store there is an even greater treat of concept shoes that would make Lady Gaga salivate - maybe she already has these who knows. Anyway, in the tradition of department stores, from an historical perspective, one could stay all day here to enjoy the spectacle, so why don't you.

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