Thursday 2 September 2010

Fred Perry, London

I've never included Fred Perry before on this site. Possibly because they are quite low key these days and perhaps their merchandise tends to form collections within larger stores rather than being contained within a solus site? I don't know. May be they have lost their cool? Who knows? Anyway, it was quite a treat to find this store further along Newburgh street while meandering around town and recorded this for you as it is quite a simple yet fun scheme. Launching their new clocktion (their words not mine, so please don't groan at me) Fred Perry have used these analogue clocks in a repetition format on the base of this scheme with additional clocks placed in the neck of the bust forms. Someone has obviously been ebaying or cleared out their attic or garage and used one of those retro embossed label makers to announce the launch of their new collection. These have been adhered to the outside of the fenestration (I quite like that). Anyway, I could be picky and say that if one looks at advertisements for clocks and watches the hands are always placed at 10.10, 1.50, 7.20 or 4.40 (I bet you never noticed before hey?) in order to frame the brand logo. However, I am glad that these guys have broken the rules as the clock brands in this case are not important and it is perhaps the timeless quality of the brand that this is more representative of? Ultimately, its fun and simple, so lets just enjoy.

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