Wednesday 1 September 2010

Beyond the Valley, London

Throughout 2010, we have seen the growing trend of the 'handmade' with increasing frequency - although this seems to be dying a little as the economy has picked up. With the launch of Anthropologie a year ago along Regent st. and subsequently on the Kings Rd. here in London, I do hope that this has encouraged smaller retail spaces and places to use localised creativity in the presentation of their product. Here along Newburgh St. teetering along the edge of Soho is Beyond the Valley. I know nothing about this brand / independent retailer other than I was drawn in by their incredible installation. OK their product presentation needs attention although I find it interesting that these guys have created such an interesting environment in which to sell their product, so I guess they're half way there. Anyway, the creative here has used these pieces of perforated plastic in a schoal of fish-like format suspended with the display persons old faithful piece of kit - invisible thread. On closer inspection, they have of course used plastic knives which seem to have been drilled with a plethora of small holes. Ultimately the underlying message is a very personal one, although of course we are not excluded but in fact very much included and therefore this is a great leap forward. We just need to sort out this product and its presentation and then we're done.

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