Tuesday 31 August 2010

G-Star, London

I've really grown to liking this brand. They have produced some really fascinating and creative product presentations which continue to impress and surprise me. For such an enormous global brand this is a remarkable achievement which I feel indicates how well they are run and by people who are clearly passionate about what they do. Their website too is quite visually mesmerising which oozes the coolness indicative of denim brands. Here the brand have produced these three dimensional look books "re-introducing [their] raw essentials, elevating everyday denim to a highly refined mix of vintage and modern". Product encapsulated within these 'books' have been been over laid with cut outs in black which suggests this fusion. The backdrop has been produced in bright yellow hanging banner. This is such a good example of how something quite simple can be thought through and communicated to have impact. I was drawn in to take a closer look, job done. I'd work with these guys.

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