Friday 3 September 2010

KSHT, London

Images courtesy and copyright KSHT

While perusing one of my early 20th century copies of ‘Display’, from my archives recently, it is particularly interesting to see how this industry has developed from tiny product showrooms such as Siegal & Stockman, the Pilot sign Co. Ltd telling us to “scrap our old Fascia’s and modernise our fronts” to Super-tools’ adverts selling us “Super Aids to Super Display” (meanings of words clearly change over time) all based in places such as Newman St., Grays in Road and Berners St. How times have changed – almost unrecognisable from this industry’s origins with consultancies such as KSHT providing all of these things and a lot more. All of these original companies are long gone (at least in London) and 21st Century living and working demand that we perform in ever more sophisticated and ultimately faster ways. As demands from ever more digitally savvy customers or consumers (depending on the product) also becomes ever more difficult to satisfy, retailers are continuing to look outside of their own in house, often energy sapped teams for inspiration, information, and a little bit of hand holding. Companies often dictated to by over zealous marketing and penny pinching accountants are often afraid to cross the line into what, in contemporary society seems out of their realm of expertise, that of creativity.
With clients ranging from Mulberry, Fred Perry, Harvey Nichols, Jimmy Choo to Ben Sherman, KSHT based in South London know how to inspire you, inform you and I think will hold your hand if you ask them nicely. KSHT led by Kathryn Scanlan and Howard Tong have a least forty years experience between them in this industry having worked with a lot of big names prior to starting their own company. From taking an initial brief, development of the concept and helping you navigate your way though the process with boundless confidence, this incredible team are informed, clearly talented and have a wealth of intelligent experience with which to guide any client. Concepts are thoroughly researched, developed, tested and produced on time and on budget. Their current projects are particularly exciting (I’ll have to pop the cyanide pill if I reveal too much) however, check out their site here and be assured that if you are one of those countless companies with demanding customers and you are in need of inspiration, information or may be some reassurance, you must check these guys out. As your customers are becoming more sophisticated don’t you need to be too?

Images courtesy and copyright KSHT.

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