Wednesday 4 August 2010

Tomasz Starzewski, London

While meandering around town the other evening I happened upon the Pimlico Road here in London. This is not my normal stomping ground and I must confess I did actually loose my way and simply found myself here late at night. This area of town has had some very notable residents such as Winston Churchill, Laurence Olivier, Laura Ashley, Aubery Beardsley, the list really does go on and on. For some reason I never think to walk around this area to look for fresh inspiration, however there are some incredible gems of retail spaces just waiting to be discovered (at least by me). Anyway, here we have the Tomasz Starzewski store (I always wondered if one existed and here it is) Of course Starzewski, perhaps is best known for his evening wear for such high profile clients such as the late Diana Princess of Wales. However, I am more interested in finding this place. This is not the most exciting store I have ever seen, although of course the quality of the merchandise is second to none. Suspended figures are placed in a repetition format with low level fixtures presenting additional merchandise. This is not the type of store design that I would have expected from this brand - perhaps something a little more luxurious is what I had in mind, but I am happy to have finally found it none-the-less.

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