Thursday 5 August 2010

Collection Pierre, London

Further along Pimlico road (or Bourne St. to be exact) here in London is Collection Pierre. 'Originating under the artistic leadership of John Hutton it continues to grow under the supervision of Jean-Louis Deniot' and a lot of other superfluous information (according to their website, but obviously not in these exact words). I really cant be bothered to read the press releases of these "designer" companies as it bores me to tears and makes me nauseous but if you like their stuff, you trust them, they do what it says on the tin and they deliver what they say they are going to deliver then who really cares anyway that a national newspaper printed an article about them - does it matter? (this is not to say that a national newspaper did of course but you get the gist). I guess there is a clientele who need to read that stuff for reassurance, even if they don't really believe it but maybe they just want to read it / see it, and as always retail can play on the customers insecurity and simply tell them what they (the customer) want to hear. Goodness knows there are plenty of full shopping bags out there full of this stuff and one only needs to view the delivery vans around Notting Hill to see that there is a market for it all. I have included this store simply because of what they have presented. Their choice of colour is absolutely right on the mark and an interesting inseparable link to the current trends in fashion, and this I find so wonderful. I love it. OK well, there really is no humour and ultimately its just stuff painted in fashionable tones, although it does look great and maybe they will find some humour one day too.

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