Tuesday 3 August 2010

Etro, London

Normally this store has the security grille pulled down in front of the store every time I walk past which immediately forms the unfriendly barrier between customer and retailer. I have therefore resisted recording or commenting on this brand for quite some time as attempting to get past the security was far too much hassle when there are so many other incredible things to view, why on earth would I bother trying? However on this occasion, the metallic barrier was lifted and I immediately was drawn in to investigate this brand a little further. Amazing how, by metaphorically opening their arms I was so drawn in (21st century an' all that Etro). Anyway, I really do enjoy what this brand have produced here and wanted to share it with you all. OK, well Hermes did something similar recently with the use of Graphics combined with product, but the previous scheme was a faux version of a Tivoli fountain which really does pale by comparison and therefore this is a refreshing direction at least. While attempting to find out more about this brand, I did find the most amazing stuff that they actually do. If you do a quick search through the net, they have an incredibly informative website and I think you will be surprised at the depth of thinking and contribution that they make. And all this, simply because they lifted that dreadful security grille. I will of course post more stuff from this brand if they do keep their arms unfolded.

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