Monday, 2 August 2010

Arc Lighting, Germany

Image copyright: Thomas Schielke,

If you haven't see this site, then do check it out soon. The incredibly talented Thomas Schielke, "has been in charge of the didactic and communication division at the lighting manufacturer ERCO since 2001 where he designed an extensive online guide for architectural lighting, leads lighting workshops and publishes internationally articles on lighting design and technology". If you haven't seen ERCO's site, do check this out too. ERCO have been very kind to us in education over the years and they certainly rank as one of the best companies globally. Their on-line guides are incredible. Thomas is also author of the book "Light Perspectives - between culture and technology". In the meantime be amazed by these images from "Face the light" which, as Thomas says "analyses different lighting approaches for mannequins in shop windows." "The situations range from highly professional to coincidental [where] the appearance of the face can be varied with light in various ways: Dramatic contrast of light and shadow with one accent spotlight, complementing the primary light with an additional spot to reduce contrast or diffuse light which results in less modelling." "Grazing light reveals textures and details for the three-dimensional form, but it could also create harsh shadows on the eyes". "Brightness contrasts with a light focus on the face and a darker background guides the viewer´s attention to the face" . Do check out Thomas's link here

Image copyright: Thomas Schielke,

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