Thursday 19 August 2010

Levi's London

Levi's along Regent St. here in London have gone from an OK brand which I quite liked now and again to one of the hottest multiples in the city which I love to view. This store in particular with its exhibition / event space, before you even reach any product has got be a winner right now. OK, Nike town did this kind of thing over 10 years ago (and possibly longer) but this is far more innovative. Nike just seemed to have a space before one reach any product, however Levis are really utilising it with such interesting projects, whether it be incredible Art installations or as right now with its Craft of Music sessions with (as its large format graphic says) "singer song writer legends to piano virtuosos, from beat box maestros and live dub step pioneers to true masters of indie rock.....the Craft of Music will give you the chance to experience and engage musics most exciting artists as close as you can possibly get". This is such an exciting move, and I will definitely keep checking back.....I just cant help but love the whole concept. Brilliant.

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