Wednesday 18 August 2010

Esprit, London

I'm not quite sure how to interpret this scheme from Esprit here along Regent st. On the one hand this brand have recently produced some quite interesting schemes, although this one is rather 'Germanic' for me. If any of you have travelled to Euroshop which happens every few years in Dusseldorf in Germany, you'll know what I mean. I feel that the jeans placed as if submerged within tanks in a repetition format and within their overall scheme (this is not pictured here) actually works very well........but....mannequins in flippers and covered in fish net...hhmmm......very Dusseldorf I think. I am cringing a little as I write this and I simply cannot clench my buttocks any tighter however this scheme is just not right. This is a very 'male' thing to do what this brand have produced and I must apologise to the world on behalf of the male population for such a dreadful scheme.

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