Friday 20 August 2010

Hermes, London

OK, I want to love it, but, its just alright. I was really looking forward to the new scheme from Hermes and, well, I do feel a little disappointed with this one. The creative's have previously produced some very interesting schemes (although they are not changed that often) and with this one I do feel that I have seen it all before. Actually I have seen this all before. Here we have in places a large format newspaper print which forms the background, the product is placed in front of this carried by their usual headless figures. The product of course is beautiful and very desirable. The context, well, I am trying to enjoy the spectacle but to be honest, if, for example you have a look at the installation around Victoria station here in London that has been in place for as long as I can remember, the below image is almost an exact replica. I don't really understand why the Fashion being presented which is clearly beautifully designed by someone who has an awareness of what is going on in the world, it has been promoted by someone or group who knows what is going on in the world and yet presented by someone or group who clearly have no idea what is going on within visual presentation. Yes, it is beautifully produced but is no one within this brand ever looking beyond this brand? If I don't tell it like it is who will?

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