Friday, 27 August 2010

The DnA Factory, London

Image Courtesy and Copyright DnA Factory

There's something quite cleansing about being in creative environments. Several months after first discovering DnA Factory from seeing their incredible 'Tree of Life' at Amouage here in London which led me to their website, I finally managed to meet the guys behind this incredible work. Hidden away underneath the arches of one of the main railway links out of the city in South London, Dallas and Angel, the guys behind DnA Factory work tirelessly to produce the most incredible work. Crammed to the rafters of their studio I found countless ephemera and object d'arts used as inspiration for their work further surrounded by their signature drawings, paintings and incredible high gloss sculptures. DnA met while students at Goldsmiths College in the early 1990's and have shared this studio space for several years. Their clients read like a who's who - in a global context. It is refreshing to see that these guys begin with initial drawings to work through their concepts, generating collage constructions from found materials before creating their three dimensional pieces. Lolita (DnA's fictitious character) crops up quite frequently across their work in a variety of guises, forms and outputs and surrounds the studio space. DnA's work is loaded with passion, anxiety, character and love and possibly any other emotional response you care to mention which gives their work the kind of depth that can, as high art does, appear elusive and exclusive to the general viewer. However, these guys communicate their thoughts so eloquently and thoughtfully that there clearly is no hidden agenda or sly means of revenge that we need to be afraid of (their work simply has depth) and they are so wonderfully nice too that I cant help but want to be a part of it all. These guys are inspiring and passionate about their work and I can visualise all types of contexts using DnA's work within a commercial environment without wishing to undermine their clearly thoughtful concepts. Dallas and Angel have worked with some of the major retail players developing and executing the most incredible concepts, so, if you haven't met or seen the work of these guys, what are you doing? If you happen to be in New Orleans (USA), swing by the Good Children Gallery or very soon at the Multi-Species Salon (also in New Orleans) to get your fix from this amazing work. In the meantime these guys have to be on your speed dial and at the front of your contacts list. Dallas and Angel can be contacted via or check them out through their website at .In the mean time, like me drool over these images and feel cleansed too.

Image Courtesy and Copyright DnA Factory

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