Friday 27 August 2010

Tiffany, London

Well Summer is virtually over here in London after just a few weeks of warm weather, but that's living in the UK for you. Tiffany's windows along Bond St. here in London, always seem to create these wonderful narratives wrapped up in a game of hunt the jewellery. Tiffany's product presentation of course oozes the quality one would expect from such a luxury brand (although I do wish they would do something with their dated interior). I haven't quite worked out the narrative here yet, as the wooden articulated hands hold postcards with images of exotic places (well exotic from a London perspective) together with the pieces of jewellery that one would have expected would have been contained within a letter? Maybe the jewellery in this context is being used as a reminder, a kind of personal romantic reminiscence of wonderful experiences from places visited and experiences shared, who knows. However, one of the elements that I do particularly find fascinating is what I call postcard 'realities' and how the images of places presented are not always as they actually are. The lighting is altered, dramatic clouds digitally enhanced behind the image of the Taj Mahal, the deserted palm tree edged beaches which in reality are crammed full of lobster coloured tourists baking themselves until they resemble old saddles or worn out leather handbags (we don't see that in the 'idealised' image do we?) Anyway, whatever the brief given here and how the outcome has been achieved, one thing we can always be assured of is the quality of the product.

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