Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ralph Lauren, London

I must admit, that I am not a huge fan of this brand. They have never hurt me, so I have no agenda, but I just don't warm to the concept. Having said that, they do do some wonderful stuff and the Parisian store is absolutely incredibly exciting. However, all of a sudden on seeing the new concept here in London it reminded me again how talented the creative team are here and wanted to share it with you. I absolutely loved this Uber glamorous concept which reminds me of some kind of amazingly glossy photo shoot - that I sadly never went too. Anyway, beyond the perpetual use of the Yasmin Le Bon mannequins which as you know bore me to tears, this is flawless presentation. This team always do such impeccable presentation. In the meantime, I guess Yasmin is working the floor and waiting for a potential suitor to pick up her purse? Hmmm. I actually like this, but having a feeling this is not deliberately RL?

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