Monday 19 July 2010

Lalique Haviland, London

I really want to love this concept, as it is such a brave move for what always appears to me at least as quite a 'dull' brand. It is refreshing to see them do something completely different although perhaps the direction is not quite the right one? A mannequin has been placed in the window covered in a 'taped' version of the vinyl placed on the fenestration. This in itself is fine, although on closer inspection the tape has been applied very naively and is torn in places too. A piece of Lalique has been placed on its head a la Lady Gaga stylee which is fun, but just doesn't work. There is also a torso of a another figure placed with plastic chains as if reigning in the Lalique dog figures although the arms are placed in a position which mannequin arms are not meant to be and this rather jars. I really do enjoy what this brand are trying to achieve although this window is perhaps representative of a mock-up of a concept before the real bucks (or in this case Euro) are spent, however presented as the final concept, albeit Sale - Ouch. I would be worried if I were reading this at Lalique head office. Great initial concept, but just all so wrong and the brand damage is here for all to see. That must hurt.

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