Wednesday 21 July 2010

Paul Smith, London

Do you ever visit a handbag in a store window or a pair of shoes? I know a lot of my female friends do and find themselves virtually licking the glass willing them onto either their feet or arms. I feel the same thing about 'Home' stuff. OK, well I have the usual dark wooden floorboards oozing that ostentatious poverty look and absolutely gorgeous leather upholstered furniture that I sink into at the end of a hard days work. Well, why work if one cant enjoy sinking into gorgeous furniture, gorgeous baths and enjoying fabulous food, hey? Whenever I travel to NYC I spend hours at ABC just licking everything in wonder and desire. OK, well maybe my budget is more Crate and Barrel if I'm honest, but one can at least aspire to beautiful things. Don't get me wrong, I'm not materialistic, but surrounding oneself with beautiful things is one of life's pleasures, isn't it? I love this Paul Smith Home store here in London. It is way out of my price range, but looking is free at least. If you have a spare £2,900 for this shell covered dolls house (marked down from £4,200) or the 'Love too' silk wall hanging for £1515.00 then swing by and make the purchase. Just let me know where this stuff is going so that I can swing by to yours and lick the glass there too.

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