Thursday 22 July 2010

Welsh and Jefferies, London

I find it quite distressing to see people cry, don't you? The pain and anguish some people suffer I simply find so unbearable that I just cant stand to view that kind of spectacle. Whenever I see this type of retail environment the same emotions are raised. Is this a cry for help? or is this a retailer who has either given up and just doesn't care or one which simply doesn't know where to go? Here along Savile Row is Welsh and Jefferies. Armed forces tailor to the Prince of Wales. OK, perhaps we don't care about the latter half of that last sentence. This company is part of a national institution but it appears to be a part of the last centuries institution that are either dead and buried or just simply buried (and in some cases possibly dug up again) and where this company is concerned, we seem to have already built the mausoleum for it. This store is just a project waiting to happen. I am, in a way embarrassed to show this kind of company here. I also feel that I need to tell it like it is and communicate how dreadful we are sometimes with our visual presentation, while also ironically so cutting edge and aspirational, and this kind of stuff still exists. It does at least only for now.

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