Friday 30 July 2010

Liberty, London

Lots of scarves...! Halstuch...! echarpes..! However you wish to translate this (although my translation may be wrong but you get the giste) there are lots of them here at Liberty in London. Yet again the team have produced the most amazing scheme based around just a few items. I adore the schemes here at this store and stand mesmerised by the teams ingenuity and creativity. As always with this store, these guys need much bigger windows in order to shine even brighter. While this is hardly going to happen we sadly have to make do with these tiny spaces that contain creativity that's ready to burst out on to the street. The bohemian feel to this scheme with some vintage figures displaying the merchandise couldn't be more appropriate. After what seems like months of Sale schemes and the recession which has gone on longer than we care to remember, this truly is a refreshing site. Many thanks guys.

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