Thursday 29 July 2010

Hackett, London

I was really pleased to see this interesting scheme at Hackett (along Sloane St.) here in London. Unfortunately it doesn't photograph as well as it looks, and although Hackett have used a similar scheme to the one at Tory Burom in the Meatpacking district of New York last December and therefore is not actually original, it does work very well. Vintage books, pages and images have been deftly placed to form the back ground to this installation. While the vinyl on the glass here does appear rather too much in the images, it does actually seem to work rather well in reality. The dressing is handled very well and the use of bust forms with articulated arms and hands in a dark wood finish looks superb. I may just swing by when the store is open to take a closer look. There is of course the obligatory use of stacked vintage suitcases we can see everywhere right now, and the smaller showcase windows are a little stacked to the rafters for my preference, but it is refreshing to see this company continue to produce interesting schemes none-the-less.

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