Wednesday 28 July 2010

Cos, London

Having now viewed the Masion Martin Margiela exhibition at Somerset House here in London on three separate occasions (only because I felt so inspired by it) I am guessing that the creative's at Cos did also? Here, the essence of Margiela has been captured within at least one of its windows with the overall use of White paint, furniture used as if to place the merchandise on a pedestal and a White fabric backdrop. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this scheme, although if anything I do feel that it does pale a little by comparison to the Margiela exhibition (if indeed it has been 'inspired' by it). I have seen the use of all White schemes on many occasions on my travels and if anything I think I would have used all White merchandise with at least one item of colour to act as a focal point, or continued with the tones used on the rail, pulled those chairs together so that they didn't look like they were just filling a gap in the space, or that the budget had run out and they had no money to buy the obligatory emulsioned stacked suitcases that seem so rife around town right now. Anyway, it is a step in a direction but perhaps it just needs to be a little more informed? I am pleased however that Cos didn't place a White moped or bicycle in here as every other 'multiple' in their flagship stores seem to be feeling this need.

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