Tuesday 27 July 2010

Puma, London

I rarely cover Sports Brands here on this site, probably because of my life long lack of interest in Sport I guess - both watching and taking part. I always hated being forced by some naff 1970's Sports Nazi in a Green Nylon tracksuit, as a skinny eleven year old, to play rugby in the freezing cold, icy, muddy playing field in the middle of no where just because they enjoyed it - I must confess I had a lot of 'illnesses' in those years too just to get out of having to freeze myself in my secondhand Rugby kit which was a charitable hand-me-down with lots of rips and holes in it that at least made me look like I had played lots. I never quite got the hang of the game and am quite relieved not to have either having preferred the civilised environment of the Art studio in which to practice for my future glamorous career and create beautiful things. Naturally, I'm still waiting for the glamorous part to happen but creating beautiful things is fine for now. Anyway, Puma here along Carnaby street was one scheme to record and which didn't send me back shuddering to those muddy playing fields of the 1970's. I am not a huge fan of Sale schemes but this one has actually been produced very well. Even in its simplicity. Paint tins have been placed in a pyramidal format with the backdrop printed with Sale in front of which two mannequins have been placed. Not the most jaw dropping stuff, but it does what it says on the tin - no pun intended.

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