Saturday 31 July 2010

Lalique Haviland, London

I felt that perhaps I was a little hard hitting with my comments of the previous scheme here at Lalique along Conduit st. here in London. On reflection, maybe I needed to tell it like it really was, as the reaction from so many of you was far more frank and to the point than I was. I am concerned about this store and their presentation. For a brand that has such a rich history and is high profile at least to those who like this stuff, I am really surprised that they produce such poor quality presentation and although I personally would not buy this stuff, I find myself feeling even less like I would buy it, if that's possible? The presentation here of the mechandise has been placed on a faux mossy background, however, hardly any of the product has been lit and most of it is flat on the base of the window, therefore none of it can actually be viewed. The lighting is not even focused on the product and from the image below is in fact lighting an area of fake moss (right hand side of image below). I am exhaling a huge sigh of boredom even as I write this as surely someone within this company actually cares? Perhaps not and maybe there is some internal drama within the company that is preventing anything actually happening...I'm speculating of course (or am I?) however the fact remains that the presentation here is laughable and although I am embarrassed to say that, this company really do need to get a grip and sort out their presentation or this store will just become another dreadful multiple Coffee house filled by a company whose name I cannot bring myself to type but sounds like 'far' and ends with the slang term for American dollars.

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