Tuesday 13 July 2010

Burberry, London

While wandering along Bond St. here in London last week, I suddenly found myself rediscovering my roots in Catholicism. I am rather lapsed these days (OK, well completely lapsed if I'm honest) but it really is so much more fun, even if it leads to a few tut tut's along the way. Anyway, having followed the schemes at Burberry for so long and yearning for something creative to ooze out of these windows like some Hollywood blockbusting B-Movie I prayed that the next scheme would be exciting. With some hope of a kind of divine intervention on my mind too, I did find myself praying to St. Jude (patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes) well, for a split second at least, he came into my mind, as these things do. I was really hoping to send out positive thoughts to this brand to be brave and do something creative. I clearly owe some penance somewhere out there and St. Jude obviously (sort of) declined my request and 'voila', here we go, buckle up, baton down the hatches, we have the same old stuff. St. Jude, where are you? I will obviously have to work much harder in sending out the positive vibes to Burberry. Great merchandise, superb presentation, dull-as-dish-water-seen-it-for-the-past-decade-concept.

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