Monday 12 July 2010

Space.NK. apothecary

I recently found myself in one of these stores as a good friend of mine had bought me some of their products, so, I thought I should swing by and take a closer look inside to see what else this brand do. Surprisingly they do produce the most delicious smelling stuff and although I found it quite expensive, it clearly is superb quality. (I recommend the Mandarin Grapefruit candle which smells good enough to eat..!) Anyway, while the sales assistants were incredibly helpful and so nice with it, after all this does make up part of the environment and the shopping experience, I couldn't help feeling that the price point of the product didn't quite work with the environment. Yes, the products are luxurious and the 'best' money can buy an' all that, but the environment itself does look a little mid-market by comparison. This, I think was the reason I thought that the product was expensive, rather than anticipating that it would be before I entered the site (hope you're following me here). The store window concept works well, although reminded me a little of a suburban hair dressing salon, rather than a luxury brand. This is possibly due also to the wide range of product packaging being sold from a wide variety of brands which are all placed together rather than an overall simple packaging that are stamped Space.NK. Of course, the brand wish to show their product width, although I think I would have made more of one product in a repetition format or at least chosen products from the same 'collection' such as Diptyque, Life NK and so on in order to achieve a stronger look. What do you think?

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