Monday 7 June 2010

Ralph Lauren, London

Having followed Ralph Lauren here in London and their schemes in New York and Dubai for quite some time, I must admit that I do find it difficult to be completely positive about their schemes. Yes, I like them, but I really want to love them. Of course, the dressing and styling is always so superbly handled and that goes without question. RL's relatively new store in Paris looks incredible and clearly leading the way in this brand. However, without wishing to be derogatory, I wish the schemes had a little more 'edge'. OK, well, I am sure there is a whole chain of command and span of control going on within the company and of course these things are easier to write here than being able to do in reality. Perhaps the answer is to give 'control' to the creative's who produce these schemes? It is clear that the team are creative, although maybe are not given enough freedom to enable them to give the desirability to this brand that it perhaps should have, or perhaps that, at least, I would want it to have as a potential customer? Ultimately, the answer is to give back some localised creativity to these creative teams.

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