Sunday 6 June 2010

Asprey, London

I only seem to write about these windows intermittently for some reason. Not that this brand don't do quality schemes, because they always do, but I guess there is so much happening around town that they keep falling off the page and into my archives. Anyway, Asprey, are currently using this 'sea' themed scheme with drift wood, boardwalks and the usual seaside ephemera. I was quite intrigued by their use of these plasma screens with their videoed underwater moving scene, the type of which is always so mesmerising to view. These have been surrounded with strategically interwoven drift wood (naturally to hide the edges of the screen) and well placed merchandise as part of the overall composition. I like the fact that these screens together with the merchandise look as if they have been so naturally washed up on a beach somewhere rather than everything squared up and bolt upright. Although this is not my own personal favourite scheme of theirs, it has been done so beautifully. I am trying to fall in love with it (because the quality is there) but at the moment, I just like it.

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