Saturday 5 June 2010

Prada, London

While wandering along Bond st. the other evening I noticed that Prada had not only changed their window scheme but also reverted back to open backed spaces. This is an interesting move as for many months we have seen these spaces quite concentrated and enclosed which really helped to hone in on the detail of the product although of course limited (to a point) what one could do with the space. I like either way myself but what it does highlight is how few retailers do this? Whether it was deliberate or not, who knows. The out sized umbrellas look incredible next to the two female figures and again its this kind of land of the giants type stuff that we see happening occasionally around town. I also like the tall structures in some of the smaller windows which always remind me of a cityscape, particularly like New York or parts of Chicago. What one views is a row of enormous buildings and then suddenly one finds, say for example a church / Cathedral dwarfed by the surrounding megastructures. The church / Cathedral therefore in effect become an anomaly in the rhythm of the city. Although the creative team may not have thought this when producing this scheme, what they have actually done is to use the product as the anomaly. Great impact and yet so simple.

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