Friday 4 June 2010

Jack Wills, London

I am quite intrigued by Jack Wills here along the Kings Road. I have seen it mentioned in on a few sites and naturally had to take a look for myself. I must admit that I am a little confused by this brand which on the one hand is a very English / British brand and yet flying the American flag? Not that I am offended in the slightest by this as 'American' is fine by me although this all rather jarrs here. On the one hand we have Jack Wills University Outfitters (based in Devon of all places ). While Devon, of course is beautiful, its not the hippest place to admit one is from, and then on the other hand we have references to 'Varsity Polo' - in the words of Dizzee Rascal ...."Bonkers". As I also work in a University, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? What are you doing guys? Either be British or be faux American......the market is far too small for this kind of hedging your bets. Yep, target Universities, great, am sure my students will love you and be top to toe or more likely in key pieces of your stuff. But they are very, very savvy so you have to get this right and either be cool or be desirable and aspirational. You have a cool brand, but it is so confusing......or is that just to me?

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