Tuesday 8 June 2010

Diesel, London

I quite like this brand, and I do normally like this particular store here along Bond St. in London. The reason for this is that they have produced some really pioneering schemes over the previous months and at least seemed to be leading the way, to a point, along with Anthropologie and a few others in localising creativity and getting off the dreaded 'corporate bus.' Of course, so many brands have their 'gap filler' concepts (what I mean by that is, these are the cheap schemes in between the expensive ones in order to maximise the budget) and while this is the norm, (this is not to say that it should be of course) it is a shame that while these companies are peddling their over priced stuff, someone somewhere is reaping the benefits and therefore not spending the cash on enticing us into the stores. Diesel have created a 'web' like concept of cord, strung around the fenestration complete with industrial finished figures wearing their product. OK, well not pioneering stuff and the cost was almost certainly kept to a minimum here. While it does work quite well and if this were an independent retailer it would be entirely forgivable, but a brand like this with the cost of their product.....I do feel a little disappointed...............don't you?

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