Tuesday 15 June 2010

Nicole Farhi, London

As the world is gripped by World Cup fever (although I am managing to escape the hysteria myself), surprisingly only a few stores are seeing this as a windows scheme opportunity. I cant bring myself to read the news headlines or even turn on the television for fear of being tainted by this stuff, but I guess an enormous amount of people love it and follow it just as much as I record these schemes for this site, so I can appreciate their passion. It doesn't however float my boat. However, as I mentioned, very few retailers, surprisingly are seeing this as an opportunity to engage the wider public, and interestingly, a lot of these seasonal events which traditionally were always so marked in store windows seem to be slipping by unnoticed these days - clearly a sign of the times and tighter budgets. Nicole Farhi, as ever are again leading us through this year, not only with their current wire mesh animals but also with their World Cup window. While I am not a World Cup fan, thank goodness for this pioneering brand.

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