Wednesday 16 June 2010

Vivienne Westwood, London

I have often wondered what kind of minds produce for this brand? While my immediate thoughts of the mind of Dame Viv' would be quite chaotic, the reverse is actually probably true. OK well, I've always shuddered a little that the merchandise is rather 'borrowed' from History, so I am not particularly enthralled by it, although how these things are put together is quite another thing. I am a huge fan of the chaotic nature that I perceive this brand to have. The window schemes, while not the most lavish themselves, are always produced so well (although I don't particularly like the way that 'they' dress the trousers on the bust forms), the bust forms themselves are really great fun. It is refreshing to see retailers use some of their signature designs with which to cover these forms. If you don't know any of these stores, do go and take a look. They are fun and witty and while there is probably no great narrative behind their schemes, they do look like they might have.

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