Monday 14 June 2010

Tiffany, London

I do like to view Tiffany's windows when they change their schemes. I am always amazed at the creativity the team here illustrate with such a small product that really is difficult to show well. The latest scheme appears as a wonderful entomological display case, in some ways similar to the kind of thing one would view in each of our own countries Natural History Museums. The faux exoskeletons here have been strategically placed around the product. The product itself is highlighted with the use of desk top magnifying glasses, perhaps highlighting the preciousness of both the jewellery being sold and the delicacy and fragility of the butterfly species? Always beautifully produced the teams here really are the masters of product display. Just as an added note the Natural History Museum in London hold over 3 million different butterflies in its collection. It is well worth visiting both sites mentioned here.

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