Tuesday 1 June 2010

Liberty, London

Wow, is it really 135 years since Liberty opened? Where did that time go, hey? Older than some countries around the world, Liberty can be held up as an excellent example of retailing. Always, at the forefront, always fun, and yet always such wonderful quality (if a little expensive however). Celebrating their 135th Year, of course could not be missed without a fun scheme installed into their windows by the creative team. Small, 'doll-like' houses with tiny cut out figures are presented to us in this scheme. Speech bubbles exclaiming "has anyone seen my shoes?", "Who puked in the flowerbed? and "the B****** dumped me!" have been applied to the glass and tonnes of paper chains and shiny silver curtains complete the scheme. Where on earth will this creative team go next? Who knows, but just watch this space.

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