Monday 31 May 2010

Louis Vuitton, London

I cant help but love this mecca to retail. The new Louis Vuitton along Bond st. (which seems like we have waited eons to open) is brash, blingy, sparkly and right there in your face. With hand painted mannequins and figures with the signature brand logo who could not love it? It is showy, it is very much excess to requirements, but it is a strange pleasure to view. The building itself is almost bright White in the usual dull London weather and the use of Gold would make the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and the souks of Sharjah pale by comparison. A life sized Giraffe, neon lighting, shoes doing-the-walking and beautiful merchandise in bell jars. The list just goes on and on.....if you happen to be in London this is definitely a must see. My favourite bit? The reflection in their old tiny store opposite, declaring...."it's behind you......" I love the so utterly British reference here.

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