Wednesday 2 June 2010

Anthropologie, London

I like to see new uses of old sites and this is no exception. The Anthropologie store along the Kings Road is fairly new to London and is in addition to its Regent st. site in one of London's main shopping areas. I cant actually remember what this store was previously or what this site was used for but the dark Green tiles inset with what appears to be a Victorian design (and probably is actually original to the building and actually Victorian) and its stained glass windows are absolutely exquisite. These have remained some of my favourite stores for some time now as the creative team seem to be let loose to create these amazing displays. The windows instantly reminded me of the gardens of Bomarzo, Monster Park a few miles from Rome, Italy, that I wrote about here a few months ago. Various structures, bust forms, chairs and so on seem to be consumed by this mossy covering. Great fun and seasonal, this brand are always such a pleasure to view.

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