Monday 21 June 2010

Austin Reed, London

While Sale windows dominate London right now, there are a few little gems out there including this one at Austin Reed along Regent St. This installation by Tonken Liu produced as part of the London Festival of Architecture looks absolutely incredible. Individual cardboard people are dwarfed by these huge structures which are so elegantly lit and cast lace-like shadows across the back wall. It really is a shame that this is the only window out of the Austin Reed run of windows which has this installed. The rest of them sadly are the usual dated 'bus stop' format which never seem to change. How wonderful the windows here would look if all of them were installed with this installation. Add a few well heeled mannequins and 'voila' - aspirational, creative, desirable, interesting and cool. We can only hope that Austin Reed read this and give us something visually beautiful to share with us all. I know they would certainly be on my list of places to record for you all. What do you think?

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