Tuesday 22 June 2010

Anthropologie, London

Following on from Austin Reeds window yesterday and the London Festival of Architecture, Anthropologie have created their own cityscape from every day objects. "The city has been rescaled using items that Londoners may discard or discredit". These are great fun and yet again communicates how wonderfully creative this team are. However, I do feel these are not as polished skill-wise as their usual schemes and perhaps appear a little hastily constructed? St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Millennium wheel do look a little amateur with the use of plastic straws (I think I would have painted these White to work tonally with the models themselves as they just look like straws which have been cut - which of course they are) although I love the idea of the 'Oyster card' river Thames and the plastic spoon Millennium Dome look superb. The second window spelling out the word London, again, a great idea, but perhaps just not quite up to the usual high standards of finish that I have seen regularly at this store since it opened. I am sure we as Londoners throw away or discard a lot more than this and perhaps this installation is part of the festival of Artchitecture and not the work of the in store team, who knows?

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