Friday 14 May 2010

Madinat, Dubai

Moving on from the enormous Malls here in Dubai, there are also, of course much smaller enterprises. Here we have the Madinat, placed very conveniently near the luxury hotels, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Mirage and the Burj Al Arab. Very similar type 'souks' exist in the old part of Dubai near the creek and this is perhaps a rather sanitised version. The majority of clientele seem to be tourists and visitors looking for those very carefully chosen souvenirs. I am not sure I like this version as part of the pleasure of the original version of these places is rummaging around, good old fashioned bargaining and a banter with the tradesmen. The spice souk is far more exciting although here one isn't hassled by someone trying to flog a faux Rolex, Versace handbag or a pashmina - isn't that part of the fun though? And me in a pashmina? Anyway, small stores sell everything from perfumes to antiques here and if you prefer something less edgy then this is the place for you. If not, get yourself a cab down to the creek and experience the spice souk, the guys there are far more fun yet incredibly gentle, if not just a little more cheeky - wonderful.

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