Thursday 13 May 2010

House of Aoud, Mall of the Emirates

I noticed this store a few years ago while on a visit here in Dubai and the tunnel 'like' space certainly drew me in. In Dubai, Arab perfume is big news. Creating that essential scent is one of the most magical things to see and these guys certainly do it well. I always wonder what would happen if, for example, we all were forced to wear the same thing? If we were covered head to toe in Black, how would we define ourselves? Well, I suppose as human beings and being intrinsically creative, one person would add a belt and another a collar and so on. Here in Dubai, females don't have this luxury and one of the ways in which they seem to at least make an understated statement, is through hand bags, shoes and perfume. To western senses the perfumes are very heavy and I know from previous experience in buying this stuff that what smells so wonderful here in the heat and warmth is quite choking in the London cold and wet weather. However, a whiff from the bottle is enough to stimulate the senses and maybe I will just swing by and purchase a small memento of my travels. In the meantime, I do really like this space with its illuminated arch forms and out sized fixtures displaying the product. The marble and Gold are perhaps a little too much if this were a Western store, although here in Dubai it works well and it really is a treat to view.

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