Wednesday 12 May 2010

More Restaurant, Dubai

During my stay here in Dubai, I couldn't resist but find out more about 'More'. Having read so many reviews about these restaurants, some of them incredibly negative and some absolutely positive I couldn't wait to find out for myself what these places were actually like. I don't usually take any notice of reviews anyway as I am not precious when it comes to restaurants. The company I am with is far more important to me and I'm certainly not a restaurant critic. The food and service were absolutely fine. What I am interested in is the place itself. This restaurant is highly unusual and there is an interesting trend happening here. In this More restaurant there is also a certain amount of merchandise being presented. This is possibly the first time I have viewed mannequins in a restaurant and therefore I felt compelled to include this to show you. In the centre of the restaurant is a suspended 'table' from cables attached to the ceiling. Mannequins have been placed at one end of the suspended 'table' onto which merchandise has been placed. I wouldnt normally put fashion per se into a restaurant environment and it is a little disconcerting to see this as although this is an indirect sales angle, I almost want to forget shopping for a moment and concentrate on the atmosphere of the restaurant tself. This, of course is Dubai and the land of shopping so I guess any opportunity to get us to buy More (no pun intended) is an opportunity not to be missed. Anyway, do check out their restaurants, and if you aren't shopped out, maybe make an additional purchase too.

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