Saturday 15 May 2010

Rage, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

A few years ago I watched the building of this store on the National Geographic programme on television in conjunction with the building of Ski Dubai. It probably stood out as an interesting site due to the ski goggle entrance to the store - this is one of the only stores with such an unusual entrance to it in this mall. If ski stuff is your thing then naturally this is the place to come, although unfortunately the presentation is perhaps a little poor? OK well, 'they' have used a motif - and you may already know how I feel about such things - although this site is quite unique and I do actually like the store's frontage. It is such a shame that they seem to have lost momentum in the presentation and being sited opposite a large supermarket chain only cheapens the view. I am happy that they are still here however, but a little bit of attention to the how the product is presented would really go a long way. This is now sadly my final day here in Dubai and the wonderful warmth of the UAE. With the long and dreaded journey back to London awaiting and hours of searching and labelling the masses of images I have collected, I am sad to leave this mecca to consumerism and all that it offers. However, I have missed how Green London appears after such journeys and I cant wait to rediscover the latest store window offerings there.

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